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23 November 2020 - 24 November 2020
Irish Wood & Furniture Manufacturing Network

Welcome to 3rd Annual Irish Wood & Furniture Manufacturing Network Conference

Connecting to Europe: Selling & Sourcing

Hear about European market trends, learn from industry colleagues, participate in targeted 1:1 networking and contribute to industry discussions.  This conference offers participants the latest in wood industry knowledge, connections and new business contacts.

While we could not meet up in person this year, this event provides a unique opportunity to generate new business, sourcing & selling and to explore best practise from across Europe. The match-making event is designed to bring together companies and make valuable new business connections.  The conference will run online from 8.30am – 2.30pm on 24th November 2020.The conference consists of three distinct sessions: 

Prepare, Connect, Share
Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes.  Industry networking is available, 1:2:1 meetings can be arranged via this website. The programme fee includes access to all sessions.    

Topics in focus 

    1. New business opportunities
    2. Supply Chain Security & Opportunity
    3. Business Sustainability & Circularity

Why participate?

    • Find opportunities to innovate and to disrupt.
    • Hear from Industry selling into the European market
    • Discover opportunities for growth
    • Hear from thought leaders and Identify key market trends
    • Build & grow your connections across the supply chain
    • Connect into European industry networks

How to make your event a success

  • Meet experts & industry colleagues 
  • Discover new products & services
  • Discover pathways in Selling & Supply chain resilience
  • Share your own experience to enhance supply chain opportunities
  • Increase your understanding of the latest trends
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